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Enterprises Inc.

Practice Areas

TLHA Enterprises specializes in the recruitment and placement of highly skilled professionals with many different skill sets.  We have contract (temporary) and direct hire divisions for all of the following practice areas: Accounting & Finance, Administrative, Customer Service, HR, Information Technology, Creative, and Legal.



If you know of any businesses across the US that require temporary or full-time positions in Accounting & Finance, Administrative, or Customer Service, you can refer them to TLHA. If the TLHA office successfully fills the position, you will receive a percentage of revenue for the assignment's duration, capped at $2,500 for contract/temporary referrals, and a flat fee of $250 after 90 days for direct hire referrals.

Additionally, if you refer a Full Time Professional working in any of the mentioned industries, and they get hired into our TLHA Staffing Program, you will receive a $1,000 bonus 45 days after their hire date. Join us in building our talented Team!

TLHA Referral Service

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