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The Answers You Need

According to our Privacy Policy, TLHA Enterprises adheres to client confidentiality. We do not sell or share information with anyone outside our organization. TLHA operates on a secure server and maintains Business and Error and Omission insurance. Agreements are signed before any services. 

How secure is my private information?

TLHA has built up Standard Operating Procedures over the years. Our experience limits the need for multiple rounds of review, ensuring that financial reporting is accurate and reliable. Additionally, our team is dedicated to staying up-to-date with industry best practices and regulations

How does TLHA ensure accuracy in financial reporting?

TLHA provides services to both individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our main services for individuals are tax preparation and personal tax planning. While we do not currently have lawyers on staff, our partners would be happy to help with Estate Planning. 

Does TLHA provide services to individuals or businesses?

Our fees vary depending on the type and complexity of the service required. Contact us for a quote.

What are TLHA Enterprises Inc.'s fees?

Clients can share information via our secure email. Clients living in the Naples, Florida, or Chicago, Illinois regions can schedule an in person meeting. Those living outside these regions can choose to password share or access our remote desktop solutions.

How does TLHA communicate with its clients?

TLHA Enterprises Inc. will work with you to understand your financial situation and goals, and provide customized solutions to help you achieve them. We offer tax planning, budgeting, and financial planning services to help you manage your finances effectively.

How can TLHA Enterprises Inc. help me manage my finances?

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